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All products sold support all test software tests on the market. It is recommended to use the authoritative disk software "H2testw" detection, so that the upgrade card has nowhere to hide, eliminating your worries about product quality.

The MicroSD card is a very small flash card that is mainly used in mobile phones, but because of its small size and increasing storage capacity, it is now used in GPS devices, portable music players and some storage disks. Its size is 15mm x 11mm x1mm, which is almost equal to the size of the finger. It is a compact flash card. It can also be used in the SD card slot via an SD adapter.

* If the 3.0 card reader +3.0 interface is used, the test data is even better. The actual speed depends on the device and document size used.

special reminder

Memory card 2GB actual use capacity is about 1.85GB, because the computer uses binary manufacturers to produce decimal

(The computer is 1MB=1024KB, the manufacturer is 1MB=1000KB)

2GB is about 1.83GB, 4GB is about 3.7GB, 8GB is about 7.3GB, and 16GB is about 14.6GB.

Class level

The Class level is also an important symbol of the SDHC card. It is a quantitative symbol of the transmission speed. Different levels of memory cards can meet the needs of different users. Take SDHC as an example, it is divided into Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, Class 10, and now there are more UHS-I grade cards. Class level and SDHC have a certain relationship. For example, SDHC memory card capacity must be 2GB or more, and at least have Class 2 transmission speed.

Class 2: Low writes up to 2.0MB/s, which can satisfy movies, SDTV, and digital video cameras that watch normal MPEG4 MPEG2.
Class 4: Low writes up to 4.0MB/s, which can smoothly play HDTV, digital camera continuous shooting and other needs.
Class 6: Low writes up to 6.0MB/s, meeting the requirements of SLR camera continuous shooting and professional equipment.
Class 10: Low writes up to 10.0MB/s, full HD TV recording and playback.

How to identify the expansion upgrade card?

At present, many expansion card upgrade cards on the market, SD card / U disk / TF card / memory stick and other flash memory can be upgraded.

The upgrade is to upgrade the capacity of 1G or 2G (or smaller, such as 128M, 256M) to 4G 8G 16G 32G, etc. or larger capacity.

Actually, it is still 1G or 2G capacity. The buyer can't judge whether to upgrade the product through the naked eye of the computer.

The current effective method is to use the "H2testw" or "MyDiskTest" software for full verification!

Product size 15mm*11mm*1mm

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